Did Boris Fuck Me?

Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure if you can make a BFM claim. But if Boris did, it could cost you thousands of pounds a year! And if you’re quick, you might be able to help stop him fucking everyone else!

Take our simple quiz to find out!

Did Boris Fuck Me?

Did you believe what was written on the big red bus?
Is your name Helen Macintyre, Petronella Wyatt, or Allegra Mostyn-Owen?
Are you Irish?
Is your name Marina Wheeler?
Do you run a business?
Are you Nazanin Ratcliffe?
Are you Michael Gove?
Are you David Cameron?
Are you Muslim?
Did Boris Fuck Me?
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Let’s face it, whatever your score, you got fucked over by Boris. Leave voter convinced by his admittedly impressive rhetoric and debate? Yeah, fucked over. It’s all a trick! They teach this sort of skill at very expensive schools, like the one he went to, because if you’re not very good at things you can still go a long way with confidence and debating skills – or, as we like to call it around here, being a massive fucking blagger.

I’ll write some blog posts on here soon, covering the background behind every quiz question above.

So what can you do about it? Here are some organisations standing firm against Brexit:

Political parties against Brexit

Liberal Democrats
Alliance Party
Scottish National Party
Plaid Cymru
The Green Party
Ulster Unionist Party
Sinn Féin

Campaign organisations against Brexit

People’s Vote

More to come soon… I have a family and a business and this all takes time!